Do you know the difference?

Car Show

A car show is an event that happens once a year.  A car show usually is a judge event and has trophies, awards and or plaques.  Usually car shows charge a registration fee to participate.  It usually is an event to raise funds for a particular charity or to promote a local community.  There is a lot of planning year after year to make the car show better than the year before.  Organizers line up sponsors and volunteers to help put on the best car show they can.  Some car shows are just for one brand of vehicles.  Some car shows are for vehicles prior to a particular year of vehicles.  Some shows are open all types of vehicles.  Some car shows have been going on for years and years and are on the same weekend every year.  Some car shows offer some kind of raffle.  Some car shows are by invitation only.  A car show may also include trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedal cars.

Car Cruise

A car cruise is an event that happens monthly or weekly.  No awards are given.  No vehicles are judged.  No registration fee is charged.  It usually is an open event that allows all kinds of vehicles to attend.  It’s at a location that like minded car owners can gather to meet with other like minded car owners.  They are usually held near eating establishments or retail shopping malls.    Most car cruises are held in the afternoon into the evening.  There are a few that happen early in the morning.  Car cruisers used to drive up and down Main Street or cruise around the town square.  Today, car owners cruise to a specific location to meet with other car owners to enjoy friends they have met and new friends that they will meet. 

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